Before we began:- NOTE:- YOU MUST HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO DO YOURSELF. CHOICE IS YOURS. Awfully some cost will still occur.

Examples are below. TAKE your own time to learn and understand. 

EXAMPLE 1-Doing yourself won’t mean saving of money. It means that hard cash. Say SURVEY MACHINE value IS a 7,00,000 INR
Labour value of doing survey is 14000 INR  government agency rate per day Maintenance and up keeping shall value 1,00,000 INR Survey package and autocad can value another 5,00,000. Transport and add more cost.
COST OF DESIGNER IS 14000 government agency rate PER DAY once more thus if you’ll be able to afford this far better to begin doing yourself.>> A SURVEY can THEN value you around fifteen,00,000  or more to you
Similarly a SURVEY service from Neevinternational can value you merely XXXX/- per XXX/- which has GST.

A medical instrumentation or ULTRASOUND machine creating (manufacturing on your own) value 25,00,000 government tax and maintenance. It will involve a lot of activity .
A similar ULTRASOUND or INFRARED instrumentation may be purchased at but one,00,000 INR
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To began with the links below area unit containing several videos not simply one video to elucidate and satisfy one self in smart details:-



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The exam is of 1 hour and will consist 45 questions.

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The exam has no bar ( AGE/LOCATION/GENDER) Not needed

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Pass percentage is 100% and refund of 1000/- (ONE THOUSAND INR) is made to people obtaining more than 85%


0-30% GRADE C

31-70% GRADE B


To began with the links below are containing MANY videos not just a single video to explain and satisfy one self in good details:- Your online learning will take your own time. Relax and learn. NOTE 1 Link = 1 EXAM

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1- Why soil testing is necessary in Construction of Any building and how it is done.

Why soil testing is necessary


2- How and why a LIDAR survey is done

How Lidar survey is done


3- Why Valuation report is important

Importance of valuer


4- How to set up Industry in India

How to set up a industry in India


5- How Ultrasound is done  for a BABY

Learn Ultrasound and Sonography


6-  How to use Autodesk Civil for Survey and  Soiltesting

Learn Autodesk Civil for Survey and Soil test


7-Importance of Software in Construction

Learn Construction software


8- Use of Thermal image in pipe and house crack detection

Learn Thermography for detection cracks


9- Renewable Energy and solution by software and practical work

Renewable Energy solutions


10- How a Metro Rail and its network is made

Making of Metro rail 


11- How roads with better durability are made



12- How architect works for construction of house and if it saves money

architect work and save in construction


13-  How to do Impact assesment



14- MEDICAL SOFTWARE will it help a doctor and you

Medical software for doctor and patient

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