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Surveyors, Project Manager,Engineers, Architects and Designers, Construction Equipment, Software, GIS,Geo tech n Material Testing, Construction Robots, Quality Work, Hiring Solutions. One stop to your dream. America, Asia, Europe.Project Management Consultants. We help contractors and Builders to fulfill dreams of Nations. Cost is also displayed online at our store. All the best.

Road Construction

Neev provide services like survey work, Earth Work, Estimation, Inspection, Road Quantities, Road Construction Note we are not contractor only service provider.

Bridge Construction

Design of Bridge. Bridge structure. Bridge Anatomy, Bridge works and Bridge installation and Inspection. The services are provided by Neev. Only services

Building Construction

Neev Provide Architecture Design, Structure, Drawings, Schedule, Project Management in this. Full Building of any kind HOTEL, MALL, HOSPITAL you name neev will provide service.

Office Construction

Neev provide Interior design and Exterior landscaping services. We provide services for Pollution control and more. The design is both safe when done by neev services. The best design forever.Pollution and environmental control a plus.

Our Service

Survey Engineering

Land Survey, Quantity Survey, Hydrographic Survey, Road Survey, Transmission Line Survey and more. Drone survey and Lidar survey. Neev International is the only company to do so.

Project Management

State of the art project management service is provided by neev. Infrastructure, Oil & Energy, Metro Rail you name this we provide excellent project management by best of people and robots

Testing and Hiring

Material Testing is help to human beings to save time and money. Neev International provides excellent services in Testing, Valuation and Inspection.Hiring Solutions.Contract Hiring only. Be it any field of work. Hotel, Hospital, Mall, Rail, Marine.

Construction Robots

Neev design robots and equipments as per your need. Neev gives you a precise work by doing so. Mix of design work intelligence helps to finish work in less time and cost. Time saved is money made.

Painting and Renovation

Forget the brands. Neev paints your dream with actual experience.The best people and equipment for you with neev. Neev a work so strong its lasts forever. Renovation for lifetime. Your dreams are real. Neev International

Simple Equipments

Neev International makes equipments.Neev for humans. Hand lorry hand truck. Carry on with neev. Neev has the best products from globe built in-house and sold world wide. All equipment for all kinds of human beings.


Emma Butler
Nice one

Next level people. I got to know them via a contact in europe. They work professionally.My dream came true when they built my hotel in Barcelona.

Johnson Myke
Love them

Nice and precise work. Cool people my dream came true when they constructed for me at California.A farm house with much open space.

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