About Our Products 


Neev international works with no government corporate or authorities pressures. Quality work is our commitment. Neev will put it’s best efforts of men and equipment to give delight to your service. Services to your tastebuds. In era of extra caution and less loss. Neev International is your only bet. The one you can trust is with you globally. We at Neev shall strive to give the best of services and products to you. Neev people love serving you with sinful integration. Neev shall do the best.

Neev provides Software, Construction Equipment, Pollution Control Materials, Industial and Construction Robots. We make in-house products under strict quality control for your use. All the products are made on PRE- ORDER and customization basis.This is done for final use by the customer. Neev makes only the above products. 


Every Product in Neev goes through rigorous workmanship. Pre Order products like-

                                      1- Survey Software

                                      2- Engineering Software

                                      3- On Demand Robot

                                      4- Equipment on demand

                                      5-  Specialist Design

                                      6- Pollution control materials

These are made only upon request of customer. With a design to finish basis. Serving all industries and demands. Neev has few in-house ready to purchase products as below as well. One stop shop.

Why Choose Neev ?

Mechanical System

The best mechanical system pertaining to work is followed and used by neev.To bring quality to our products.We use the highest quality mechanical system

Electrical System

Electrical system with Neev are used as per demand from customer. Quality and clean work. All time favorite in electrical design works.Exact and human friendly

Architectural Design

Vetted and Pre Vetted design is done by neev.Neev makes the heighest quality and feasible designs. Both for civil works and mechanical. In a institution itself Neev gives the value of your money. Lowest price with high quality is gurantee.

Meet Our Office People

Rohit K.


Arundati M.

Architect Supervisor

Sania K


Lucy W

Assistant Manager

Some Facts About Neev International


Master Crafts  precise work. Neev ladies show the art of workmanship from the world over. Neev trains and transform people before giving a full throttle to their talent. UN BIAS Neev does not believe in caste creed or religion. Nationality for us is humanity. Boundaries are from heart to heart. A love affair in every product we make. The best of people with the quality workmanship. Across boundaries and clutter. Un bottled to give you the ultimate. Our customer deserve the best. Price does not matter your love is.

Number of Projects

550 +

Awards Win

110 +

Workers Employed

250 +

Happy Clients

1500 +