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Modular Industrial Set Up

Give you various options to set up your. Industry of Oil, Refinery, Industrial Shed, Processing center. We also help in setting up Power Plants including Hydro and Nuclear Power Plants.

We work both as Consultant and also as EPC contractor.

Our services are all upfront only.


SET ups of Store, Godown, more. To relish for your life time. Neev builds houses of repute. Our Godowns will last for lifetime. Coldstorage and more. Just to Serve you.

Work both as consultant or turnkey contractor.

Modular Stores is way to save.

All at upfront only.

Rail Road Construction

Neev builds roads. Your road to sucess. Rail for lifelong journey. Neev roads are state of the art mega projects undertaken. Highway and more. The best for lifetime.

Working as Consultant or as turnkey contractor. Neev gives you delight always.

World over our Roads and Raiways are now standard of life. 1 ROAD last more than 10 years without holes.