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Delight Served

Country or City Representative

Your company is for the world. It is a worship. It is Ibadat. It is Prayer. We do  Country Representative  for  companies. Why spend billions and get nothing. Spend fraction to get a LOT

Third Party Inspection 

We do third party inspection work for you. Let us do work on Trust. International is free for all nation. Let us work for you. Get your products inspected either import or export.

Contracts and Claims

Manage your Contracts. Legal work or Set up Business in India. Get your project work done through Neev International. less pricing. High result. Trust us.

Item Name Price
Valuer Report
Safety Audit or Quality Audit Per Day
Structure n Design of House
Market Survey or Door to Door
Project Report Making
Lender Engineer/Bank/Inspection Engineer
Soil Testing for Construction 3 holes
Civil Engineer Software
Valuer Software
Modular Home Construction
Membership of International Professionals
Pay Directly for ITEMS not on STORE
Contracts Management
GPR or Hydrography Survey per day
Modular Industry Set Up
Construction Supervision
Drone Survey per day
Total Station Survey work for 1 day
Country Representative
Renovation of House