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Delight Served

Country or City Representative

Your company is for the world. It is a worship. It is Ibadat. It is Prayer. We do  Country Representative  for  companies. Why spend billions and get nothing. Spend fraction to get a LOT

Third Party Inspection 

We do third party inspection work for you. Let us do work on Trust. International is free for all nation. Let us work for you. Get your products inspected either import or export.

Contracts and Claims

Manage your Contracts. Legal work or Set up Business in India. Get your project work done through Neev International. less pricing. High result. Trust us.

Membership of International Professionals
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1- Enjoy 3 years get together with Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountant or any professional who can help you when you need most.


2- The membership is open for All Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountant and those who want to join as professional. You need to be a Graduate or at least 15 years of Education. No matter from which part of the world you are. You will be refunded 30% of amount each time you help someone who is already a member.


3- We offer help in times of need upto 3 times from any where in the world through our members. US, China, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East Australia, New Zealand or any country any part of the world


4- Upon purchasing you will be sent a Email to GET VERIFIED via us giving us a EMAIL copy of your CERTIFICATE or Degree. No hard copy verification needed.


5- Events, Parties, Get Together come Free of COST for first time with this membership.


6- Offer discounts from and upon purchasing this membership Equal to the AMOUNT of membership fees.