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Looking for a something that will make life easy ?
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# Project Managers and Consultant

(Not Advisor)

#Industry and Business Set up

# Engineering Design Services


# Survey and Inspection with Reports

# Approved Valuation Services

#ISO/CE any Certification and Audit



#Assembly Line Set up 



#Material Test and Lab Set Up


#Contracts Managers?



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No advice, no false claims. Not an advisor.

Consulting firm which maintains techno legal aspect and quality in what we do.

1- Contracts Management


2- Inspection Third Party


3- Survey


4- Material Testing


5- Human Resource


6- Projects Management Consultant


7- Large Contracts Manangement


8- Industry  Set Up


9- Valuation of  All types


10- Global work at resonable price



We relentlessly strive to be a renowned Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company known for its excellence in Project Management i.e. Management of Quality,Time and Cost.

We offer both type of services - Contracting & Consulting with focus on technology oriented industries and aim to achieve sustained growth through customer satisfaction,employee motivation and innovative approach.



We strive to be a world class company in terms of the businesses that we undertake,in the quality of people we employ and in the perception of clients with whom we deal.

We also strive to be an ideal example of Corporate Citizenship - a company that respects & addresses all environment / safety / health-related concerns of the community & is fair to all its stakeholders. People with us weather client or employee always gain

Project management is about making sure everything gets done in the right order, on time and on budget. A project manager will help you understand what needs to be done so your business can grow successfully. With Neev Sucess is a Gurantee.

Our team will help you set up assembly lines, design your workflow process, and choose the right materials to use. Give us a call today to see how we can make your life easier!Set up an assembly line to cut costs and employee well being.

Project management is the process of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources so as to accomplish specific goals.This company does lots of different things! Inspections, surveys, project management, feasibility studies 

Invest in Neev and I'll give you an ROI that will make you smile. Don't waste your precious time training others when Neev is ready to work from day one, just plug in and go! Remarkable improvement in  operations + ROI. Ergonomics for even robots.

Recent decades have witnessed the introduction of groundbreaking techniques to streamline and enhance production. These methods are often grouped together under the umbrella term lean production, encompassing subjects such as:
JIT – Delivery of materials just-in-time to be used.
Six Sigma – Reduction of defects (and oftentimes changes in organizational culture to achieve that reduction)
SMED – Quick changeover of presses, machines, and entire work areas.
5S (or 6S) – Efficient organization of the work area.
Supply Change Management.
Many of these techniques inherently benefit employees and their ability to do their jobs well; for example, developing a well-organized work area. Others can be easily supplemented with a few concepts to help insure those improvements from an employee's perspective.
All industries served
• Bring your project to life.
• 20+ industries served
• A decade in experience. 100+ countries served.
The One-Stop Solution for All Industries
• To serve all types of industries in India
• Offers expertise in every industry sector
• Trusted service provider for international companies 
Oil and gas, power plants, infrastructure and industrial setup, manufacturing units and export-import businesses, sugar industry and petrochemicals, engineering industries to supply manufacturing equipment products such as turbines and generators for thermal power plants.
Software industry providing project management services such as construction execution supervision software systems that track progress during activities including field inspection data collection or work order tracking.
IT Industries providing services related to the international contract business.
NGO and government agencies.
Multinational corporations.
International company.
1- Oil and gas.
2- Power plant.
3- Infrastructure and Industrial SetUp.
4- Manufacturing units and export-import businesses.
5- Sugar Industry and Petrochemicals.
6- EPC industry metro, rail, infrastructure, and more.
7- Manufacturing Industries.
8 - Software Industry to provide project management 9 - IT industries and International organisations for Contracts Management.
10 - Claims and Contracts Management 11 - Project and Contracts Management for all types of Industries 12 - NGO and Government 13 - Multinational corporations 14 - International Company 15 - MSME 16 - Large Corporates 17 - Banks 18 – Engineering Industries 19 – Power Plants 20 – Production line set up 21 – Mega Projects 22 – Railways 23 – Marine 24 – Aerospace 25 – Space all including NEW START UP To Established Companies.

Inspection, Survey, Representative, Mentor,  Project Management, Valuer, Tenders, Soil Test,  Consultant, Structure, Contracts managers, PMC, Valuation, Feasibility, Surveyor, Liaison, Material Testing
Neevinternational relates Construction of all Roads, Bridges, Power Plant, Malls, Residential, Commercial, Industries, Mining and Tunnel Activities, Pre Tender preparation,Mechanical,Civil, Building Construction, Project Management, Feasibility Study, Constructability, Environmental Impact, Geotechnical Investigation, Cost Estimating, Industrial Engineer, Alternative Evaluation, Nuclear, Basis of Design, Specification, Construction Management, Material Testing, Quality Control, Value Engineering, Structural Distress, Rehabilitation, Tunneling, Pavements, negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, construction law, contract law and insurance Mining, Safety Works, Energy Production through Oil and Gases. Production of Oil for Medicinal Purpose With Respect to Drawing preparation, Project Guidance, Consultancy, Contractor and Subcontractor. Agreement Preparation, Making of all types of bidding documents. Price Negotiation, All kind of Document Preparation. Technical Writing, Data Entry, Accounting, Engineering Calculation, Scientific Formulas, All type of Estimates, All Mechanical, Civil, Structure, Electrical and Architecture Drawings and WORK, Project Management, Contract and Subcontract work, Method Statement, Billing, Soil Testing. Material Testing. Excellent and 100% satisfied customers.