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Welcome to  Neev International

Neev International is a trusted name in project management consulting, providing a wide range of services to all industrial units, power plants, renewable energy, oil units, Infrastructure projects. With our expertise and commitment to sustainability, we offer comprehensive solutions that ensure successful project delivery. Neev International excel to provide comprehensive solutions for accurate project assessments. That is note all we provide solutions to your day-to-day life. Simple solutions for your life. Leave your worries and come along.

A better life awaits you. Are you with us?

Let us start with an EXAMPLE. Pollution? Industrial Management? Rejuvenation? 
SO, say pollution control starts with Carbon offset. This involves compensating for carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce or capture an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide, promoting environmental balance. We do this by pollution control and saving industries as well people live. We rejuvenate old industrial units, help reduce pollution. Giving green certificate ISO 14001 certification. Actual work and implementation is also made. Making Industrial units more habitable and increasing production. This we do by Industrial Engineering and management. The benefits are universal. Human survival rate is increased. Less disasters with low health problems. A total service along with implementation is done by us. Full throttle. This is just one from a bouquet of services offered by neev international. Welcome to resolution. We resolve your worries. Humans are here to survive. Come together in this journey with us. Welcome to your dream journey along with neev international.

Trust Neev International as your project management consultant of choice. Together, let's build a sustainable future with excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

From roads, bridges, and power plants to malls, residential and commercial buildings, industries, mining, and tunnel activities, we are committed to delivering high-quality results while prioritizing environmental responsibility. Our expertise extends to every stage of the construction process. We excel in pre-tender preparation, conducting feasibility studies, constructability assessments, environmental impact evaluations, and geotechnical investigations. Our team of professionals ensures that every aspect of your project is meticulously planned, providing accurate cost estimates, industrial engineering insights, and alternative evaluation options. We are well-versed in nuclear projects, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Key Services Offered :

  • Construction of Industrial Units: We specialize in the construction of industrial units, providing expert project management and construction solutions for a wide range of industries. Providing end to end all kinds of solutions.
  • Power Plant Feasibility Studies: Our team conducts thorough feasibility studies for power plant projects, assessing the viability and potential impact of the proposed plant to ensure successful and efficient energy generation.
  • Oil and Gas Safety, Inspection, Quality Control: With extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, we offer comprehensive safety inspections, quality control measures, and adherence to industry standards to ensure safe and efficient operations. Carbon offset and pollution control is our specialty in we endeavor to promote green industries, rejuvenate old industrial houses and promote healthy life.
  • Neev International specializes in contracts and projects management activities, adhering to international standards such as the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), and other global norms. 
  • Impact Assessment: We conduct detailed impact assessments for various projects, evaluating their potential environmental, social, and economic effects. Our assessments help clients make informed decisions and mitigate any adverse impacts.
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Power & Energy
Power up with Neev International's energy services.Elevate your power potential with Neev International's energy services.
Survey and Research
Neev International conducts meticulous survey and research, including topography surveys, providing accurate data for informed decision-making and successful project execution.
Assessment Studies
Neev International conducts comprehensive assessment studies, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and successful project outcomes.
Engineering Services
Neev International offers comprehensive engineering services, encompassing design, analysis, and project management, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for diverse industries.
Construction & Building
Neev International excels in PMC and Quality, delivering high-quality projects with precision, innovation, and sustainable practices.
Oil & Fuels
Neev International provides a wide range of oil and fuel solutions, ensuring reliable supply and quality products to meet the energy needs of various industries and applications.

Our Core Services

Material Testing.

Neev International specializes in material testing for mechanical, civil, and chemical industries, ensuring compliance, quality control, and reliable performance of materials in diverse applications..

Research, Impact

Neev International offers cutting-edge research services, providing valuable insights, data analysis, and innovative solutions across various industries to support informed decision-making and drive successful outcomes. PESTEL, Impact

Fuel & Energy

Neev International offers expertise in the oil industry, ensuring safe operations, quality control, and sustainability. We also specialize in renewable energy, providing innovative solutions for a greener future..

ISO Certification, Inspection

Neev International delivers inspection, quality assurance, and ISO certification services, ensuring compliance with international standards and driving excellence in project execution and product/service quality across industries.

Mechanical and Industrial Engg.

Neev International provides comprehensive industrial and mechanical engineering services, offering expertise in design, analysis, project management, and optimization plus more

Power & Energy

Neev International provides comprehensive solutions for power plants, including hydropower, solar, wind, nuclear, and traditional sources. We offer expertise in design, construction, and project management, ensuring efficient and sustainable energy generation.

"At Neev International, we are driven by our commitment to unbiased and fair services. Our pre-paid model ensures transparency, accountability, and the utmost dedication to delivering exceptional results for our valued clients."
- Rohit K

Our Services are not bothered by Government or Pressures

Third Party Inspection

Neev International offers reliable third-party inspection services, ensuring compliance, quality control, and adherence to industry standards. Our experienced inspectors provide thorough assessments for diverse industries, guaranteeing reliability and confidence in project outcomes.

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Material Testing

Neev International offers comprehensive material testing services, employing advanced techniques and equipment to assess the properties and performance of materials. Our accurate and reliable testing ensures quality control and compliance with industry standards.

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Neev International offers comprehensive research and survey services, providing valuable insights, data analysis, and accurate assessments across industries. Our expert team delivers reliable information to support informed decision-making and drive successful outcomes.

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International Trade

Neev International facilitates international trade promotion, providing strategic guidance, market research, and networking opportunities to help businesses expand their global presence and seize new growth opportunities in the international marketplace.

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Fuel and Energy

Neev International specializes in oil and energy exploration, conducting thorough impact assessments to ensure responsible and sustainable practices. Our expertise combines technical proficiency with environmental considerations for successful energy projects..

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Industrial Set Up

Neev International offers comprehensive services for industrial setup and trade promotion, guiding businesses in establishing efficient operations, accessing new markets, and maximizing growth potential through strategic planning, market analysis, and customized trade promotion strategies.

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