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Consultancy & Contracts Project Managers





1- Engineering Consultant


2- Business Consultant


3- Valuation,

Testing, Inspection,

Design, Engineering.

On demand work. Improvement.  Reconstruction, Renovation. Pre Engineered. Pre Paid.

Contracts Mangement.

Survey,Project Management Consultant. Feasibility Study.


Best in Class .  Right Choice



Neevinternational relates Construction of all Roads, Bridges, Power Plant, Malls, Residential, Commercial, Industries, Mining and Tunnel Activities, Pre Tender preparation,Mechanical,Civil, Building Construction, Project Management, Feasibility Study, Constructability, Environmental Impact, Geotechnical Investigation, Cost Estimating, Industrial Engineer, Alternative Evaluation, Nuclear, Basis of Design, Specification, Construction Management, Material Testing, Quality Control, Value Engineering,

Creating a Modular house with low cost housing is never easy. We do it for you with a choice of material. High precision state of ART to save money and bring delight.

The best in class Country Representative in the world to represent you. Bank Representative, Company Representative and more.

Construction Safety and Quality study.

Audits as Construction Audit or structure audits.

Third Party Engineer.

Structural Distress, Rehabilitation, Tunneling, Pavements, negotiation, purchasing, government liaison, construction law, contract law and insurance Mining, Safety Works, Energy Production through Oil and Gases. Production of Oil for Medicinal Purpose With Respect to Auto Cad and BIM Drawing preparation, Project Guidance, Consultancy, Contractor and Subcontractor. Agreement Preparation, Making of all types of bidding documents. Price Negotiation, All kind of Document Preparation. Technical Writing, Data Entry, Accounting, Engineering Calculation, Scientific Formulas, All type of Estimates, All Mechanical, Civil, Structure, Electrical and Architecture Drawings and WORK, Project Management, Contract and Subcontract work, Method Statement, Billing, All Engineering and Technical Abilities in above. All Survey work is done. Topography, Road Survey, Quantity Survey, GIS based survey. Census Survey and DGPS Lidar Survey.

All kinds of Survey to start with Total Station, GPR, Drone, DGPS, LIDAR is done by us. Market survey and Research is also done.

Full Testing for Civil n Mechanical. Works Contract.


Winner of BEST ENGINEERING CONSULTANT AWARD. Neev Architecture Surveyor Project Management Consultant  is a non-funded, non-aided self-support organization of quality professionals. It provides quality service and products that bring smiles on faces. We relate to construction of all roads, bridges, power plant, malls, residential, commercial, industries, Feasibility Study, pretender preparation, mechanical, civil, building construction, project management, feasibility study, construct-ability, environmental impact, geotechnical investigation, cost estimating, industrial engineer, alternative evaluation, nuclear and basis of design & specification.

Neev does Feasibilty report. Arbitration work.

Valuation work as per International and Local norms

Awards certificates and Chartered Works.

Valuer, Architects, Chartered Professionals.